The Bruins Split Week 2 with Liverpool Trojans


Following the split at Nottingham the previous week, Sheffield headed to Liverpool with the intention to prove themselves as contenders in the AAA. Davies started the day strong, reaching early on a single to left field and later scored after being brought in by Martin. Liverpool answered back, scoring after reaching via the base on balls.

Pitching dominated the early frames with both Waddington of the Trojans and Taylor of the Bruins challenging batters in the zone. However, it was Sheffield who broke the scoring tie in the third after a series of doubles by Meuth, Batho and Frometa to see the Bruins run tally increase to 3. Liverpool then took advantage of fielding errors produced by Sheffield to see Barratt reduce the run deficit to only one run.

The Trojans’ pitcher appeared shaky in the fourth, walking 4 batters in a row and hitting a 5th. The Bruins monopolised, batting round the order to score a massive 7 runs. Nevertheless, Taggart started an immediate comeback through a deep double to centre field. This was followed with a ground ball to the shortstop, but an error in the throw to 1st saw Vondy on 3rd base and Taggart reaching home. However, the Trojans comeback was halted by some good pitching by Taylor to produce 2 groundouts and a strikeout, limiting the Trojans to 3 runs.

A final run in the 5th via Davies increased the total run tally for the Bruins to 11.

Final score: Liverpool Trojans 5-11 Sheffield Bruins.


Game 2 started wobbly for the Trojans as fielding errors lead to the bases being loaded. Charlie Batho drove a runner home, which was shortly followed with another 2 by Josh Taylor. Meanwhile, Neil Davies also struggled to get into a rhythm, walking 4 batters in the first inning. However, Davies managed to gain back some control through striking out Barratt to end the first inning, limiting the damage done by Liverpool to 2 runs.

Sheffield increased their lead by another 3 runs through Davies, Meuth and Martin. The Trojans put up some good contact in the 2nd inning, but with a flyball to right field and hard line-drive back to the pitcher, this wasn’t enough. Vondy dominated inning 3, taking his strikeout tally to 5, preventing the Bruins from getting a man on base. On the contrary, Davies began to tire in the 3rd, throwing a few wild pitches to load the bases. Taylor was brought in to shut down the Trojans, restricting Liverpool to 2 runs. 6-4 Bruins.

Meuth took to the mound for inning 4. However, the Trojans got their eye in which saw 5 players reaching on base on balls and 3 hits by Vondy, Blease and Taggart to score 6 runs. A pitching change to French saw Taggard obtain an RBI, but this was followed by a fly ball to left field to end the inning. Unfortunately, the Bruins couldn’t make a comeback in the top of the 5th, ending the game 11-7 to the Trojans.

Final Score: Liverpool Trojans 11-7 Sheffield Bruins.